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The Equals Money account

Powering sustainable fashion, meet BEEN London

The Equals Money account gives BEEN a simple, secure way to pay global suppliers so they can continue to source innovative and sustainable material for their bags.

Using the great exchange rates available through Equals Money, BEEN can pick and choose the best materials without worrying about paying over the odds.
BEEN can focus on producing quality bags without delays in paying for or receiving materials thanks to fast and efficient business payments.
Receiving personalised support from our currency experts, BEEN can spend less time on their payments so they can get back to what’s important: their business.

Join over 15,000 other businesses

Since we started back in 2007, we’ve helped a wide range of businesses, from global sports teams to local charity groups, save time and money on their business finances.

What Equals Money gives us is that freedom of actually selecting the most exciting innovations and not worry about currencies, countries - it just makes it really, really straightforward, and I love that about it.

Genia Mineeva

Founder, BEEN London
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Let us help get your business finances back on track

Let us help get your business finances back on track