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Payments, cards and expenses, made simple

The Equals Money account is here to revolutionise the way finance teams manage their company’s payments, expenses, budgets, payroll and more, putting time back on the clock and money back on the balance sheet.

We’re already helping over 15,000 companies of all shapes and sizes streamline their business finances



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helping customers savetime and money

We’re already helping over 15,000 companies of all shapes and sizes streamline their business finances

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Company cards

Empower your teams to spend around the world, wherever they’re working, while you stay in control of balances and permissions.

Complete control

Set permissions based on team roles, manage balances and order cards for new staff, all in a matter of clicks.

Worldwide spending

Cards can be used in over 190 countries at 35 million locations, so your team can spend securely wherever they’re needed.

Fair with fees

Save on the fees that come with using credit cards overseas and wave goodbye to discovering hidden charges when working through expenses.

Cashback rewards

Your team can earn up to 3.5% cashback at major UK retailers that will automatically be credited to your business’s account.

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International payments

Make global business payments to suppliers, partners, staff and clients using some of the best exchange rates available.

Multi-currency IBAN

You’ll have your own unique International Bank Account Number to receive payments in over 40 currencies for rapid, convenient payments.

100+ currencies

Open your business up to the world and choose from a wide range of global currencies, including exotics, for your overseas payments.

Flexible to your needs

Choose from a variety of payment options so you can secure great rates, whether you’re looking to send the money now or later.

Online payments 24/7

Deal with different time zones and send payments when it suits you or your beneficiaries schedules with around the clock access.

Domestic payments

Settle all your UK-based payments in no time, whether it’s a one-off or grouping together regular transactions.

Payments made faster

As direct participants of the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme, we can give our customers access to payments with real-time settlement.

Bulk payments

Process thousands of payments every month, making the likes of payroll a breeze and giving your staff immediate access to salaries.

Around the clock

All your payments will be automatically processed as soon as we receive them, 24-hours per day.

Simple and secure

Our error-free, automated processing removes the need for human intervention whilst offering a safe and secure way to make payments.

Virtual cards

Coming soon

Give your team instant access to digital cards that can hold up to 21 currencies and cover the costs of online subscriptions, software, and more.


Generate and activate new virtual cards with specific use cases for regular business expenses.


As the name suggests, an individual card can be assigned to a specific team member who can use it for online purchases.


Payments can be made by your team through phones or smart watches to help with spending on the move.

Keeping it green

Not only do virtual cards offer convenience, they also eliminate the need for the production of traditional plastic cards.

Balances and money management

Coming soon

Separate funds and manage them by project, location, department or people, giving you ultimate control across all business spending.

Multi-currency Balances

Each of your Balances can hold over 40 currencies at a time and money can be moved instantly between them.

Custom access

Assign different levels of access and decide who can access each Balance as well as how they can use it - whether it’s for cards, payments to beneficiaries, or both.

Endless possibilities

You can create as many Balances as your business needs and even create one budget within another, so you can keep tabs on specific projects.

Unique account details

We’ll issue you your own unique IBAN, enabling you to accept third party payments in over 40 currencies.

Let’s start simplifying the way you manage business spending

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