Are watches cheaper in Dubai?

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Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and opulence, is often considered a haven for shopping enthusiasts. With an array of sprawling malls, exclusive boutiques, and tax-free shopping, it's no wonder that visitors are curious: Are watches cheaper in Dubai?

If you're based in the UK and eyeing your next luxury timepiece, this blog post will delve into the prospects of watch shopping in Dubai and how Equals Money's international transfer service can be an integral part of your shopping journey.

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The attraction of Dubai's luxury watch market

Dubai's reputation for being a luxury shopping destination extends to its watch market. The city boasts a plethora of retailers offering a vast selection of watches, from high-end luxury brands to more affordable timepieces. The combination of competitive pricing, a wide range of choices, and the allure of exclusive models not available elsewhere makes it an attractive market for watch aficionados.

Understanding pricing: Is Dubai really cheaper?

When it comes to pricing, Dubai has a unique advantage — a lower tax burden. The UAE's tax policies mean that many items, including watches, can be offered at lower prices compared to other countries. However, this doesn't always guarantee that every watch is cheaper. Prices can vary based on brand policies, regional demand, and currency exchange rates.

The role of VAT refunds

For UK travellers, the potential for savings is further amplified by the possibility of VAT refunds. Non-resident tourists can claim back the VAT on purchases made during their stay, making luxury items like watches even more appealing. Nevertheless, it's crucial to factor in these savings against the current exchange rate to understand the true cost.

Comparing prices

Before assuming that Dubai is the cheaper option, it's essential to do your homework. Compare the prices of the watch you're interested in both in the UK and Dubai, considering the exchange rate and potential VAT refund. Remember, prices can also fluctuate with special promotions or sales events, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Equals Money: Your partner in smart international shopping

While shopping in Dubai can be an exciting prospect, managing finances and foreign exchange can be daunting. Equals Money simplifies this aspect for you. Whether you're transferring funds to pay for your new watch or managing your travel expenses, Equals Money offers competitive exchange rates and seamless international transfers. This means more out of your transfers and less hassle, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your luxury shopping.

Currency exchange made easy

One of the key factors when purchasing expensive items abroad is the exchange rate. A favourable rate can significantly reduce the overall cost. Equals Money provides real-time, competitive exchange rates for over 140 different currencies. With their in-house expertise and easy-to-use platform, you can effortlessly manage your funds and avoid unexpected costs.

Secure transactions

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with high-value transactions. Equals Money prioritises your safety with secure, fast international transfers. Their service guarantees that your payment for that coveted watch is not only efficient but also secure.

Planning your purchase

When planning to buy a luxury watch in Dubai, consider the logistics. Equals Money can help you plan by providing insights into the best time to exchange currency. By monitoring exchange rates and offering expert guidance, Equals Money allows you make an informed decision on when to buy.


Purchasing a watch in Dubai can be cheaper, especially when considering tax advantages and potential VAT refunds. However, it's not a blanket rule for every brand or model. Savvy shoppers should always compare prices and keep an eye on exchange rates to ensure they're getting a true bargain.

Equals Money is more than just an international transfer service; it's your partner in making smart, informed decisions when shopping abroad. By leveraging their expertise and services, you can make your luxury watch purchase in Dubai a seamless and efficient experience.

Transform your international shopping into a savvy investment with Equals Money. With competitive rates, secure transactions, and expert financial guidance, you're set to make the most of Dubai's luxury watch market.

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