Virtual Business Expense Cards

Team spending with total control

Virtual cards from Equals Money empower your team to spend, stay on budget, and define clear spending channels.

Complete visibility

Keep your team and department on budget with shared spending limits, transaction limits, Balances, and real-time transaction data.

Defined spending

Business spending via virtual cards has clear purpose, limits, and reporting: instantly create cards to define funds for departments, projects, and more.

Easy reconciliation

Integrate with accounting software such as Xero and push purchase data to match accounts effortlessly.

We’re already helping over 30,000 companies

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Expense management made simple

Stay on top of team spending with prepaid employee expense cards, customisable spend limits, and an easy-to-use online platform from Equals Money.

What are Virtual cards?

Virtual cards are digital versions of plastic or metal payment cards you might have in your wallet. Virtual cards from Equals Money can take a couple forms: Individual cards for transactions associated with a specific person and shared cards for transactions belonging to several people, such as a specific team or department.

Virtual cards are recommended for making any type of payment that you know will always take place online. They can be easily created for whatever purpose your business requires, with the ability to start spending straight away.

Shared virtual cards from Equals Money are virtual payment cards that are designed for transactions belonging to several people, such as specific teams, projects, or departments.

Each card can be attached to a specific balance, a money management feature on the Equals Money platform, to define budgets, implement limits, and create a natural, granular reporting framework. For example, within your marketing Balance you can have a Shared card for each ad platform your team uses, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


Charity & Non-profit


per year
A helping hand
We waive our annual platform fee for charities & non-profits to help them get started.
  • Unlimited users, no monthly fees
  • £10 per physical card
  • Free virtual cards
  • Free to use in 20 major currencies
  • Cash withdrawals - £1.50
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Business Plus


per year
We’re flexible
We offer a customised account setup for large businesses and unique business requirements.
  • Use over 100 physical cards
  • Unlimited users, no monthly fees
  • Custom card issuance pricing
  • Custom virtual card pricing
  • Free to use in 20 major currencies
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Key features

Empowering team spending

Simplify your online business spending today

How we keep your money safe
Because Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS, your money is protected via safeguarding. We hold your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep them separate from our other assets. Please see FAQs for more information.