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In today's fast-paced business environment, managing finances is paramount. While traditional credit cards have been a mainstay for UK businesses, the advent of prepaid business cards, especially from providers like Equals Money, offers a more simple, efficient, and centralised approach. Let’s explore why a prepaid card might just be the financial tool your business needs.

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Why are prepaid cards are right for your business?

1. Unrivalled Control Over Spending

Prepaid business cards allow you to load (or request) funds in advance, establishing a clear spending boundary. This encourages fiscal discipline and reduces the risk of unexpected expenditures, a potential downside of traditional business credit cards.

2. Ideal for Employee Expenses

Entrust each team member with a prepaid card for travel or other business expenses. This ensures you have a predefined expenditure limit, promoting financial accountability among employees and simplifying expense reports.

3. No Individual Credit Checks Required

Applying for traditional business credit cards often means undergoing rigorous credit checks. In contrast, getting a prepaid card is typically more straightforward. With Equals Money, increase staff autonomy and empower everyone within your business to spend with no individual credit checks for employees required.

Identity and residence verification may be required.

5. Flexibility in Currency

Does your business transact globally? Having the ability to load multiple currencies on one card can transform your international dealings. Equals Money's prepaid card provides this invaluable flexibility, allowing spending in 20 different major currencies on a single card, in more than 190 countries, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

6. Seamless Integration

To boost efficiency, Equals Money's cards offer integration with popular accounting software. This feature allows businesses to further automate and optimise their financial processes.


While traditional business credit cards hold their ground in certain areas, the benefits of prepaid cards are undeniable. For businesses seeking enhanced control, visibility, and adaptability in their financial activities, the path is clear: Equals Money's prepaid cards.

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