Buying a Breitling watch in Dubai: Our guide to luxury shopping abroad

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Dubai, a city that epitomizes luxury and sophistication, is the perfect destination for purchasing a prestigious Breitling watch. This guide is tailored for UK individuals seeking to invest in a Breitling timepiece in Dubai. We will explore the unique benefits of this endeavor and demonstrate how Equals Money's international payment services can enhance your purchase experience.

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Why Dubai is an ideal choice for your Breitling watch purchase

Renowned for its luxury shopping environment, Dubai offers an exclusive platform for buying high-end watches like Breitling. The city's combination of extensive selection, competitive pricing, and authentic shopping experience makes it a preferred destination for luxury watch enthusiasts.

1. Wide range of choices

Dubai's luxury watch outlets boast a vast array of Breitling models. From the iconic Navitimer to the sophisticated Superocean, the selection available in Dubai surpasses that in many other markets, including the UK.

2. Favourable pricing structure

The tax-free shopping status in Dubai often results in more attractive prices for luxury watches like Breitling compared to UK prices. The reduced overall cost, without VAT, can make your investment significantly more worthwhile.

3. Guarantee of authenticity

Purchasing your Breitling watch from authorised dealers in Dubai ensures you receive a genuine product, accompanied by Breitling's international warranty for added assurance.

Navigating your Breitling purchase

To make the most of your buying experience, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Choose authorised retailers: Ensure authenticity by shopping at official Breitling boutiques or certified dealers.
  • Understand warranty and service options: Familiarise yourself with the terms of Breitling's international warranty.
  • Stay up-to-date on exchange rates: Keep track of the GBP to AED rate to gauge the real cost in your home currency.

Streamlining your purchase with Equals Money

Equals Money's international payment services are crafted to simplify your Breitling watch purchase in Dubai.

  • Competitive exchange rates: Take advantage of our competitive rates for over 140 global currencies, allowing you to get the most out of every transfer.
  • Speedy settlements: Access next-working-day and same-day transfers with our platform to ensure quick and secure payments, which is essential when buying high-ticket items like Breitling watches.
  • Dedicated expertise: Our in-house team offers expert insight on the optimal timing for currency exchange and will be on-hand to answer any queries.


Buying a Breitling watch in Dubai is an enticing prospect for UK buyers seeking luxury combined with value. With Equals Money's international payment services, you can approach this transaction with confidence and efficiency.

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