Buying an Omega watch in Dubai: A comprehensive guide

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Dubai is not just a city of unparalleled luxury; it's also a premier destination for acquiring high-end goods, such as Omega watches. This guide is crafted for UK individuals aiming to purchase an Omega watch in Dubai, outlining the unique benefits and how Equals Money can streamline the process with its international payment services.

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Why Dubai stands out for Omega watch purchases

Dubai's luxury shopping scene is unrivalled, especially when it comes to purchasing luxury watch brands, such as Omega. The city offers distinct advantages that make it an attractive destination for watch enthusiasts from the UK.

1. Extensive collection

Dubai's authorised Omega boutiques and luxury watch retailers present an extensive range of Omega watches, including the latest models and exclusive editions not readily available elsewhere.

2. Competitive pricing

Thanks to Dubai's tax-free shopping policy, Omega watches can be more cost-effective here than in the UK. This pricing advantage, coupled with duty-free benefits, can lead to significant savings on your investment.

3. Authenticity assurance

Buying from official retailers in Dubai ensures that you are purchasing an authentic Omega watch, complete with a full international warranty for peace of mind.

Navigating your Omega watch purchase in Dubai

Here are some key considerations to ensure a seamless purchase experience:

  • Select authorised dealers: To guarantee authenticity, purchase your Omega watch from official boutiques or certified retailers in Dubai.
  • Understand warranty coverage: Familiarise yourself with Omega's international warranty to understand the protection and services available.
  • Monitor exchange rates: Keeping an eye on the GBP to AED exchange rate is crucial to grasp the real cost of your purchase in sterling.

Enhancing your experience with Equals Money

Equals Money's international payment services are designed to facilitate your Omega watch purchase in Dubai effortlessly.

  • In-house expertise: Our team of dedicated experts are always on hand to guide you through the process and answer any queries.
  • Competitive exchange rates: Equals Money offers competitive rates for 140+ global currencies, allowing you to make the most of every transfer.
  • Forward contracts: Currency exchange rates fluctuate constantly, impacting the amount you will pay for a luxury watch in your native currency. Equals Money offers payment solutions such as forward contracts that allow you to fix a current exchange rate for a payment or transfer up to 24 months in advance. This lets you know exactly how much your purchase will cost you in GBP and makes effective budgeting simple.* You are committed to the rate you’ve booked regardless of how it moves after the fact, presenting a potential disadvantage in choosing a forward contract. However, many looking to purchase luxury goods abroad find the stability offered by a forward contract outweighs this disadvantage.
  • Faster transactions: With same-day and next-working-day transfers, our platform ensures quick and secure payments.


Purchasing an Omega watch in Dubai offers UK buyers a unique opportunity to explore luxury while enjoying potential savings. With the support of Equals Money's international payment services, you can navigate this transaction with ease and confidence.

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*Equals Money can only offer forward contracts to facilitate payments for goods and services.

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