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Investing in overseas property has become a popular means for individuals from the UK to diversify their financial portfolios and generate passive income through platforms like Airbnb. However, the process can be daunting, given the legal complexities, tax obligations, and logistics involved. To ease your concerns and help you navigate this path, we've created this comprehensive guide. We'll be focusing on buying property abroad from the UK for Airbnb listings, including how to handle international transfers with Equals Money.

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Understanding the Airbnb market

First things first, understanding the Airbnb market in your chosen location is crucial. Research local property prices, average rental rates, occupancy rates, and popular locations for tourists. Consider hiring a local property manager or real estate agent with knowledge about the Airbnb market to guide you in your journey.

Legal considerations

Different countries have different property laws, and not understanding these legalities could lead to complications. Ensure you're familiar with local laws regarding property ownership, especially as a foreigner. These laws might affect your rights to purchase property, how you list it on Airbnb, and how income from rentals is taxed.

Tax implications

Another important consideration is understanding the tax implications in both the UK and your chosen location. For example, you may have to pay income tax on your Airbnb earnings in the country where the property is located, but you might also be liable for UK tax. However, the UK has double taxation agreements with many countries, so you might not end up having to pay tax twice.

Finding the right property

When searching for the ideal property, consider factors like its proximity to tourist hotspots, the neighbourhood's safety, and the availability of amenities like transport, supermarkets, and restaurants. Also, take into account the local infrastructure, such as roads, water, and electricity.

Financing your property

Now, let's talk about funding your overseas property investment. You may have the option to apply for a mortgage in the UK or the foreign country where the property is located.

Currency considerations

This brings us to one of the key parts of buying property abroad – dealing with currency. The exchange rates will play a significant role in your property investment. Any fluctuations can affect your budget, which is why you need a reliable international money transfer specialist like Equals Money.

With Equals Money, you can make international transfers at competitive exchange rates, saving you from paying over the odds. Equals Money also offers forward contracts* that allow you to fix an exchange rate for up to 2 years in advance, safeguarding your international property investments against currency market volatility.

Although should the exchange rate continue to move after the contract has been agreed, you’ll still receive the original agreed exchange rate, presenting a potential disadvantage in choosing a forward contract. However, many looking to invest in property abroad find the stability offered by a forward contract outweighs this disadvantage.

Managing the property

Once you've purchased your property and listed it on Airbnb, the next step is property management. From dealing with bookings and guest inquiries to cleaning and maintenance, property management is a critical aspect of being a successful Airbnb host. If you're not living nearby, you may want to hire a professional property manager to take care of these tasks.


Investing in a property abroad for Airbnb is a potentially lucrative venture. It enables you to earn rental income and potentially benefit from capital appreciation in the long run. By partnering with reliable services like Equals Money, you can handle international money transfers with ease, making the entire process less stressful.

Remember, every property investment journey begins with research. So, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, consider seeking professional advice, and soon, you'll be ready to welcome guests into your overseas property listed on Airbnb.

This article is intended as a guide only. Always consult with a financial advisor or a legal professional when considering property investment, particularly overseas.

*Equals Money can only offer forward contracts to facilitate payments for goods and services

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