How to buy a Ferrari in Italy

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For many automobile enthusiasts, purchasing a Ferrari is not just about acquiring a luxury vehicle—it's about owning a piece of history, art, and Italian craftsmanship. If you've ever dreamed of buying a Ferrari directly from Italy, this blog post is for you. From understanding the process to handling foreign exchange, we'll discuss how Equals Money can make your dream come true without unnecessary complications.

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1. Why buy a Ferrari from Italy?

Buying a Ferrari from its birthplace, Italy, offers a unique experience that goes beyond the regular dealership transaction. Not only do you get a wider choice of models, but you also gain the opportunity to visit the iconic Ferrari factory in Maranello, a testament to Italian automotive brilliance.

Moreover, purchasing a Ferrari in Italy allows you to immerse yourself in the car's history and culture. There's something incredibly special about driving your new Ferrari through the winding Italian roads, right where it was designed and built.

2. Choosing the right model

From classic vintage models like the Ferrari 250 GTO to modern masterpieces such as the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, there are numerous options to choose from. Your choice should be based on your personal preference, budget, and intended use. Whether you are a collector, an investor, or a passionate enthusiast, there is a Ferrari model to meet your needs.

3. Buying process

The buying process can be quite complex, particularly for foreigners. It includes finding the right model, negotiating the price, understanding the legal requirements, and ensuring proper paperwork. You'll need to consider insurance, registration, inspection, and transportation costs.

One key step in the buying process is the payment. This is where Equals Money shines, providing a seamless way to handle foreign exchange and international money transfers.

4. Equals Money: international transfers

When purchasing a Ferrari in Italy, dealing with currency exchange can be a significant concern. The rates fluctuate, and without the right knowledge or guidance, you might end up paying more than necessary. That's where Equals Money comes into the picture.

Equals Money provides a straightforward and efficient solution for managing your foreign exchange needs. With competitive rates, quick transactions, and secure international money transfers, Equals Money ensures that your funds arrive on time without any hidden fees.

Here's why you should choose Equals Money for your international transfers:

Competitive rates

With Equals Money, you get access to competitive exchange rates when compared to traditional payment providers. This means you can potentially save a substantial amount compared to traditional banks, which often have high foreign exchange margins.

Quick and secure

Equals Money uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect your transactions. Your funds will be transferred quickly and securely, providing you peace of mind throughout the buying process.

Transparent and trustworthy

With Equals Money, our excellent customer service team is ready to assist you, ensuring you understand every step of the transaction.

Global reach

No matter where you are, Equals Money can help facilitate your transaction. Our services are available worldwide, making us the ideal choice for international automobile purchases.

5. After purchase: shipment and registration

Once you have completed the purchase, the next steps are shipping and registration. Several international shipping companies specialise in transporting luxury cars. After your car arrives, you'll need to register it in your home country. Be prepared for import taxes and duty fees, which can be quite substantial depending on your location.


Buying a Ferrari from Italy is an experience like no other. Despite the complex process and foreign exchange challenges, with a reliable partner like Equals Money, your dream of owning a Ferrari can come true without a hitch.

Not only does Equals Money offer competitive exchange rates, but we also provide secure, transparent, and quick international money transfer services. By choosing Equals Money, you can focus on what truly matters—enjoying your new Ferrari.

Make your dream a reality. Choose Equals Money for your international transfers today.

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