How to plan a wedding abroad: Finances & FX

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Marrying the love of your life is momentous, and what better way to make it unforgettable than by saying "I do" in an overseas locale? From coastal paradises to dreamy countrysides, there's no shortage of beautiful backdrops. But orchestrating a wedding beyond the UK’s borders involves intricate planning, especially when it involves international transactions.

With Equals Money's expertise in international payments, we're here to guide you through every step.

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How to plan a wedding abroad:

1. Destination selection: More than just a backdrop

Your destination should reflect you and your partner's shared tastes and interests. While a sun-kissed beach might seem tempting, consider factors like accessibility for guests, local amenities, and any potential travel restrictions.

2. Navigating legalities and local customs

Every country has its own legal prerequisites for marriage. Alongside these legalities, familiarise yourself with local customs or traditions which can add a unique touch to your ceremony.

3. Crunching the numbers: setting and sticking to a budget

It's not just about converting pounds to euros or dollars. When you're making international payments, market volatility can impact your budget. Equals Money provides real-time competitive rates and payment options such as forward contracts, helping you to safeguard your wedding funds and budget.*

4. Curating your dream team

Research and recruit reliable vendors, such as photographers, caterers, and florists in your chosen locale. Testimonials, reviews, and perhaps a reconnaissance trip can aid in your selection process.

5. Extended RSVPs: Giving guests ample notice

An overseas wedding can be a mini-holiday for your guests. Giving them an extended notice can help in their travel, accommodation, and financial planning.

6. Safety nets: Always plan for contingencies

Whether it’s unpredictable weather or a local festival you didn't know about, always have a Plan B. This includes having a buffer in your budget for unforeseen expenses.

7. Seamless finances with Equals Money

Paying international vendors can be daunting. Equals Money simplifies this process with easy, fast, and secure international payment solutions, ensuring peace of mind as you liaise with vendors.

8. Embracing the experience

While the planning journey may seem arduous, remember to soak in the celebrations. After all, it’s not just a wedding - it’s your wedding.


Having a wedding abroad is undeniably enchanting, yet the intricacies can be overwhelming. With Equals Money handling your international payments and transactions, you can focus on what's important about your special day, knowing the finances are in expert hands.

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*Equals Money can only offer forward contracts to facilitate payments for goods and services.

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