How to save money when making large international business payments

Reuben Allonby

In today's globalised economy, businesses often find themselves making large international payments, whether it's for suppliers, overseas employees, or global expansion. While international payments are essential for conducting cross-border business, they can be costly due to factors such as unfavourable exchange rates and transaction fees. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and highlight the importance of using a FX specialist to save money when making large international business payments.

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Understand the foreign exchange market

To make informed decisions about international payments, it's crucial to have a basic understanding of the foreign exchange market. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and even small changes can significantly impact the cost of your transactions. Staying updated on the latest market trends and factors that influence exchange rates, such as economic indicators, geopolitical events, and central bank policies will empower you to make strategic decisions and optimise your payments.

Choose the right time for currency conversion

Timing plays a vital role in reducing the costs associated with international payments. Monitor exchange rates and consider making transactions when rates are favourable. Currency volatility can work in your favour or against it, so it's important to stay vigilant and identify opportune moments to convert your currency. Utilising FX specialists can provide you with valuable insights and assistance in timing your transactions for maximum cost savings.

Leverage the expertise of FX specialists

FX specialists are professionals with extensive knowledge of the foreign exchange market and a deep understanding of global payment systems. Collaborating with these specialists can offer several advantages, including:

a. Competitive Exchange Rates: FX specialists can often provide competitive exchange rates, their expertise and market access enable them to secure these rates, ultimately reducing your overall costs.

b. Lower Transaction Fees: When making large international payments, banks may charge hefty transaction fees. FX specialists, on the other hand, can negotiate lower fees or offer fee-free transactions, resulting in substantial savings.

c. Hedging Options: FX specialists can help you mitigate currency risk by offering various hedging tools and strategies. These strategies can protect your business from adverse exchange rate movements and provide stability for your international payments.

Compare transfer fees and options

Different providers offer varying transfer fees and payment options for international transactions. Research and compare the fees charged by banks, money transfer companies, and FX specialists. Additionally, consider factors such as transfer speed, payment tracking, and customer support, while saving costs is essential, it's also important to ensure a reliable and secure payment process.

Consolidate payments

Consolidating multiple smaller payments into a single larger transaction could help you save money. When you combine multiple payments, you reduce the overall transaction fees and purchase currency at a single (potentially favourable) exchange rate. Additionally, consolidating payments simplifies your accounting processes and reduces administrative tasks associated with managing numerous transactions.

Use forward contracts

Forward contracts are valuable tools provided by FX specialists that allow you to lock in an exchange rate for future transactions. By entering into a forward contract, you can protect your business from adverse exchange rate fluctuations. This provides certainty in budgeting and financial planning, eliminating the risk of unexpected costs arising from unfavourable exchange rate movements.


Large international business payments can be costly if not managed strategically. By understanding the foreign exchange market, leveraging the expertise of FX specialists, and adopting cost-saving measures such as consolidating payments and using forward contracts, you can significantly reduce expenses associated with international transactions. Visit to learn more about international payments and how partnering with FX specialists can streamline your business processes while saving you money.

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