How to secure a UK mortgage for property abroad: our guide

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In today's interconnected world, owning property in another country is no longer the preserve of the ultra-wealthy. More Brits are now seeking "paradise" abroad, whether as an investment, a holiday home, or a retirement haven. However, the journey to acquiring a property abroad can be daunting, especially when it comes to financing.

This guide provides an overview of securing a UK mortgage for property abroad and how Equals Money can make the financial aspect smoother with its international transfer service.

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UK mortgages for overseas property – how does it work?

Unlike a traditional mortgage, where you borrow money to buy property in the UK, an overseas property mortgage allows you to purchase property in a foreign country. It's important to distinguish between two options here:

  • UK-Based Mortgages: Some UK banks and lenders provide mortgages for properties located abroad. In this case, the application, credit checks, and arrangement are typically conducted in the UK, and the mortgage is often in GBP.
  • Overseas-Based Mortgages: Alternatively, you can apply for a mortgage from a bank in the country where you're purchasing the property. This process might be more complex, as you'll be dealing with unfamiliar property laws and possibly language barriers.

Advantages of using a UK lender

  • Familiarity: Working with a UK bank can provide peace of mind, as you'll be familiar with the processes and regulations.
  • Currency Stability: Taking a mortgage in GBP means you won't have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations affecting your mortgage payments.
  • Accessibility: UK lenders might be more accommodating to British citizens compared to foreign banks.

Challenges and considerations

  • Exchange Rate Volatility: If your mortgage is in GBP but property-related costs are in another currency, fluctuations can impact your budget.
  • Foreign Property Laws: Buying property abroad means dealing with a different set of laws and regulations, which can be complex.

Why Equals Money's international transfer service is essential

When transferring large sums abroad for property deposits, legal fees, or mortgage payments, getting a favourable exchange rate is crucial. Equals Money's international transfer service is designed to provide:

  • Competitive Rates: Ensuring you get the most out of your money.
  • Speed: Same-day and next-working-day transfers mean you won't miss out on essential payments or deadlines.
  • Security: Your funds are safeguarded throughout the entire process.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in foreign exchange, Equals Money provides assistance tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Steps to take before applying

  1. Research: Understand the property market in the country you're interested in.
  2. Seek Legal Advice: Always consult with a local attorney who's familiar with the property laws.
  3. Visit the Property: Never buy sight unseen.
  4. Consult Financial Experts: Talk to advisors both in the UK and the country of purchase.
  5. Partner with Equals Money: For all your international money transfer needs, ensure you're getting the best services possible with Equals Money.


Securing a UK mortgage for property abroad doesn't have to be an intimidating journey. With the right research, support, and financial partners like Equals Money, you can turn your dream of owning property abroad into a reality. Ready to take the plunge? Reach out to Equals Money and experience a seamless financial journey.

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