Luxury fashion shopping abroad: A guide to FX

Euan Robb

Luxury fashion isn't just about wearing a brand; it’s about the experience, the quality, and the story behind each item. For many, this means journeying beyond the UK's borders to find those exclusive pieces that tell a unique story.

If you’re considering buying luxury fashion or making a large purchase abroad, this guide is tailored for you. Plus, we'll introduce Equals Money's exceptional international payments service, ensuring you can make informed decisions and get the most out of every transaction.

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Purchasing luxury fashion abroad:

1. Why buy luxury fashion abroad?

  • Exclusivity: Certain items are only available in specific countries or regions. Shopping abroad can give you access to these exclusive pieces.
  • Authenticity: Purchasing directly from the country of origin, especially for iconic brands, guarantees authenticity.
  • Savings: Depending on exchange rates and local prices, buying abroad can sometimes be more economical.

2. Things to consider before your purchase

  • Currency exchange rates: This is where Equals Money comes in. Get real-time, competitive exchange rates and ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck (or pound).
  • Taxes and duties: Different countries have varying taxes on luxury goods. Always factor these in before making a purchase.
  • Warranty and repairs: Ensure your item's warranty is valid internationally.
  • Size & fit: Sizes may vary between countries. Always try before you buy or familiarise yourself with the brand’s international sizing chart.

3. Shopping in top fashion capitals

  • Paris (euro): The birthplace of haute couture, from Chanel to Louis Vuitton. Top tip: Don't forget the VAT refund available for tourists.
  • Milan (euro): Renowned for its leather goods and luxurious fabrics.
  • Tokyo (Japanese yen): From high-end brands to local designers, Tokyo offers a unique luxury shopping experience.

4. Paying for your luxury goods

With international shopping comes the challenge of currency exchange. Equals Money's international payments service simplifies this process. With competitive rates, an easy-to-use online platform, and in-house expert support, you'll be able to focus on your fashion finds without worrying about exchange rates.

5. Final tips

  • Keep all receipts: Especially important for tax refunds or warranty claims.
  • Research beforehand: Familiarise yourself with the brands and their collections before heading out.
  • Use Equals Money for other expenses too: From hotel bookings to fine dining, leverage our international payments service for all your large overseas expenditures.


Purchasing luxury fashion abroad is more than just shopping; it's an adventure, a story, and a statement. With Equals Money by your side, navigating the world of foreign exchange becomes as seamless as choosing that perfect piece of fashion. So, next time you’re abroad eyeing that exclusive handbag or tailored suit, remember that we're here to make your payments simple and stress-free.

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