Multi currency accounting: Navigating international business with Equals Money

Euan Robb

In an increasingly globalised economy, businesses in the UK are expanding their horizons beyond domestic borders, making multi-currency transactions an everyday occurrence.

This is where multi-currency accounting comes into play, offering a streamlined way to manage diverse financial transactions. Equals Money, with its multi-currency account, streamlines cross-border business and aids in effective management and accounting of multi-currency transactions, catering to the unique needs of international businesses.

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Understanding multi-currency accounting

Multi-currency accounting is the process of managing transactions in more than one currency. This involves recording, reporting, and analysing financial statements in different currencies, a task that can be complex and time-consuming. However, it's essential for businesses engaging in international trade, as it provides accurate financial insights and aids in regulatory compliance.

The challenges

Handling multiple currencies poses several challenges:

  • Exchange rate fluctuations: Currency values fluctuate constantly, affecting the value of transactions.
  • Complex record keeping: Tracking transactions in multiple currencies requires meticulous record-keeping.
  • Regulatory compliance: Different countries have varying financial regulations, making compliance a complicated affair.

Equals Money: A solution for your international business needs

Equals Money introduces an efficient solution to these challenges with its multi-currency account. Designed specifically for UK businesses with an international presence, this account simplifies multi-currency transactions.

Key features

  • Seamless transactions: Facilitates same-day and next-working-day transactions in multiple currencies.
  • Real-time exchange rates: Equals Money offers competitive exchange rates for 140+ different global currencies.
  • Safeguarded funds: Protection of your finances is paramount. Equals Money protects customer funds via safeguarding, holding them in specially designated safeguarded bank accounts, separate from their other assets.*
  • Integrated accounting: Simplifies bookkeeping by integrating with existing accounting systems and software (Xero).
  • Multi-currency IBAN: Unlike many other providers on the market, Equals Money allows the management and movement of funds in a range of currencies, without the need for conversion. With a multi-currency IBAN, say goodbye to multiple sets of details and accounts dedicated to a single currency, Equals Money's multi-currency account supports 38 different currencies to manage, send, and receive funds in, all from a single centralised account.

Why choose Equals Money for multi-currency accounts

Expertise in international finance

Equals Money boasts extensive expertise in international finance, understanding the nuances of multi-currency transactions.

User-friendly interface

The Equals Money platform is designed for ease of use, making multi-currency accounting accessible to all.

Unmatched customer support

They provide dedicated customer support to assist businesses with any queries or issues.

How Equals Money Empowers Your Business

By choosing Equals Money, UK businesses can:

  • Budget effectively: Set spending limits and categorise funds into segregated "Balances" to aid in effectuve budgeting.
  • Enhance efficiency: Streamline financial processes and save time.
  • Gain financial insights: Access detailed financial data for better decision-making.
  • Expand globally: Facilitate international trade and grow your business.


In the fast-paced world of international business, multi-currency accounting is not just an option; it's a necessity. Equals Money's multi-currency account offers the perfect blend of efficiency and simplicity, making it the ideal choice for UK businesses looking to thrive globally.


*Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS. Please visit the Equals Money website for more details.

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