Multi-currency accounts for import/export businesses

Euan Robb

In the modern age of globalisation, the success of import and export businesses hinges on efficient financial management.

Today, we navigate the many advantages of multi-currency accounts for these businesses and spotlight why Equals Money's multi-currency account has become a top choice for international traders.

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Multi-currency accounts for import/export businesses:

Understanding multi-currency accounts

It's essential first to grasp what exactly a multi-currency account offers. In essence, this account type empowers businesses to transact and manage funds in multiple currencies concurrently and without conversion. It becomes a powerful tool for importers and exporters dealing with a global clientele.

Why are multi-currency accounts vital for import/export businesses?

  1. Less conversion costs: Frequent currency conversions can erode profit margins with unnecessary fees. A multi-currency account permits transactions in the native currency, trimming conversion costs.
  2. Streamlined global transactions: Whether purchasing goods from China or selling to a distributor in Germany, transactions become smoother with direct multi-currency capabilities.
  3. Protection against currency volatility: Import and export businesses can shield themselves against currency fluctuations by holding funds in multiple currencies, allowing for strategic conversions.

Choosing an Equals Money account for multi-currency solutions

The market is flooded with options, but Equals Money stands above the competition:

  • Competitive exchange rates: Equals Money offers competitive exchange rates for 140+ different currencies, allowing your business to get the most out of every transaction.
  • Responsive support: Their dedicated customer service and account management ensures that businesses always have assistance when needed.
  • Tech integration: Equals Money's account interfaces seamlessly with accounting software (Xero), making financial management simple.
  • Safeguarded funds: Protection of your finances is paramount. Equals Money protects customer funds via safeguarding, holding them in specially designated safeguarded bank accounts, separate from their other assets.*
  • Multi-currency IBAN: Unlike many other providers on the market, Equals Money offers a true multi-currency account that allows the management and movement of funds in a range of currencies, without the need for conversion. With a multi-currency IBAN, say goodbye to multiple sets of details and accounts dedicated to a single currency, Equals Money's multi-currency account supports 38 different currencies to manage, send, and receive funds in, all from a single centralised account.

A move towards streamlined global trade

For UK-based import and export businesses, adopting a multi-currency account isn't just a trend—it's a strategy for sustainable growth and seamless global trade. With Equals Money's multi-currency account, you're not just choosing a financial tool; you're equipping your international business for success.

Multi-currency account

*Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS. Please visit the Equals Money website for more details.

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