Navigating international payments in the marine industry with Equals Money

Reuben Allonby

The marine industry is a key element in the world's trading machine. From shipping fleets importing goods to luxury yacht builders exporting their creations, the heart of the marine industry's operations is built upon international transactions.

However, as simple as it might sound, navigating the waters of international payments can be challenging, especially given the fluctuating exchange rates and complex processes involved. But, with the right partner like Equals Money, this need not be a daunting journey.

About Equals Money

Why international payments matter to the marine industry

  1. Global reach: The marine industry doesn't operate in isolation. Whether it's procuring parts from another country or receiving payment for services, international transactions are par for the course.
  2. Risk mitigation: Exchange rates can be fickle. The marine sector, which often deals with hefty sums, stands to lose significant amounts if payments aren't managed correctly.
  3. Regulatory adherence: Sending money across borders isn't just about pressing 'send'. Every country has its regulatory framework that needs to be adhered to, to avoid potential legal hitches.

Challenges Faced

  • Volatile markets: Exchange rates fluctuate and can change between the time a deal is struck and when payment is made, this can drastically alter the amount gained in a cross-border transactions and potentially impact revenue and profit margins.
  • Unfavourable exchange rates: Traditional banks often offer unfavourable exchange rates that can eat into your transaction amounts.
  • Complex processes: Without a streamlined process or system, managing international payments can become a resource-draining task.

Why Equals Money is the Answer

1. Competitive rates: Equals Money offers competitive exchange rates, allowing you to get the most out of every transaction

2. Industry knowledge: With a wealth of knowledge, Equals Money understands the complexities of the Marine industry, with their portfolio of services is designed to cover all your financial needs.

3. Expert guidance: Navigating international payments can be intricate. Equals Money offers expert guidance, ensuring you remain informed at every step.

4. Tailored solutions: Not all marine businesses are the same. Equals Money understands this, offering bespoke solutions to fit your specific needs.

5. Secure & fast: With same-day and next-working-day transactions, Equals Money ensures your money reaches where it needs to, safely and quickly.

6. Payment solutions: Minimise and mitigate risk from currency fluctuations and volatile markets with payment options such as forward contracts.*

Final Thoughts

In the vast and intricate world of the marine industry, it's essential to have a reliable partner to handle your international payments. Equals Money offers not just a service, but a partnership – ensuring your transactions are smooth, compliant, and beneficial. Navigate the complex waters of international payments with ease, choose Equals Money.

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*Equals Money can only offer forward contracts to facilitate payments for goods and services

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