New year, new expense policy: Transform your business finances with Equals Money

Euan Robb


As the new year unfolds, it's the perfect time for businesses to reassess their expense policies. In an era where financial efficiency and transparency are paramount, updating your expense management strategy is not just a necessity but a game changer. Equals Money stands at the forefront of simple and efficient expense management, offering a robust platform and payment cards tailored for the dynamic needs of UK businesses.

About Equals Money

The need for a new expense policy

In the wake of evolving business landscapes, traditional expense management methods are becoming obsolete. Cumbersome paperwork, lack of real-time tracking, and inefficient processes can hinder your business’s financial health. A new expense policy, therefore, is not just about compliance, but about enhancing efficiency, transparency, and decision-making.

Key components of an effective expense policy

  1. Clarity and simplicity: Your policy should be easy to understand and follow.
  2. Real-time tracking: Implement tools and systems that offer real-time insight into expenses (such as Equals Money).
  3. Compliance and control: Ensure the policy complies with UK tax laws and offers robust control mechanisms.
  4. Flexibility and scalability: Adapt to changing business needs and scale accordingly.

Why choose Equals Money?

Equals Money’s platform and cards are designed with the modern UK business in mind. Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Centralised platform: Manage all your expenses in one place.
  2. Real-time insights: Stay updated with live transaction data.
  3. Seamless integration: Easily integrates with your existing financial systems (Xero).
  4. Safeguarded funds: Protection of your finances is paramount. Equals Money protects customer funds via safeguarding, holding them in specially designated safeguarded bank accounts, separate from other assets.1
  5. Customisable controls: Tailor Equals Money to fit your expense policies and business needs with customisable spending and transaction limits, access limits depending on job role, and more.
  6. Dedicated support: UK-based customer support for seamless assistance.

Implementing Your new policy with Equals Money

Transitioning to a new expense policy can be seamless with Equals Money. Here’s how:

  1. Assessment: Analyse your current expense management system.
  2. Customisation: Tailor Equals Money’s solutions to fit your unique needs.
  3. Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing financial infrastructure.
  4. Training: Equip your team with the knowledge to use Equals Money effectively.
  5. Monitoring and adjustment: With access to business-wide, real-time data, continuously monitor and refine your expense management strategy.

The benefits of a new expense policy with Equals Money

By adopting Equals Money, businesses can enjoy:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: Save time and resources in managing expenses.
  2. Improved transparency: Gain clear insights into where and how funds are spent.
  3. Empowered decision making: Make informed financial decisions with real-time data.


A new year brings new opportunities for financial optimisation. With Equals Money, UK businesses can streamline their expense management, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and compliance. It’s time to embrace a smarter way of managing business expenses.

Expense management

1Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS. Please visit the Equals Money website for more details.

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