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We all love to get away, whether it's the pristine beaches of Thailand, the historic ruins of Greece, or the bustling streets of New York. But what happens when an idyllic vacation turns into a medical emergency?

Unexpected health incidents can turn your travel memories from delightful to daunting, especially when confronted with foreign medical bills. For UK citizens, understanding how to effectively handle and pay for medical expenses abroad is crucial.

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1. The reality of medical expenses for Brits abroad

It's tempting to think that, as a UK citizen, you're immune to high medical costs because of the NHS. Unfortunately, when abroad, the NHS umbrella doesn't extend to cover you. From minor injuries to major surgeries, medical expenses overseas can be hefty.

2. Travel insurance: Your first line of defence

Before jetting off, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance. It usually covers medical emergencies, repatriation, and sometimes even ongoing treatment once you return home. However, always read the fine print, because not all policies are created equal.

3. Equals Money: Your trusted partner in international transfers

When faced with a foreign medical bill, you'd want a service that offers a seamless, fast, and reliable international payments solution. Equals Money's international transfer service is designed precisely for these needs. Here's why:

  • Competitive rates: Equals Money offers competitive foreign exchange rates for 140+ different currencies, ensuring that you're covered no matter where you holiday.
  • Faster settlements: With same-day and next-working-day transfers, Equals Money makes sure your funds reach their destination promptly and without delay.
  • Dedicated support: Tried and trusted, their team of experts is always on hand to guide you through the process and answer any queries and have moved over £10 billion around the world since 2005.

4. Local payment norms and preparing in advance

Research the medical payment practices of your destination country. In some places, upfront payments are required, while others might bill you later. Having an international transfer service in mind can make this process smoother.

5. Keeping a record

Always maintain a thorough record of all medical expenses. This is essential not just for insurance claims but also for your personal finance tracking.

6. Understanding local medical standards and costs

Medical standards and costs vary from country to country. While in some nations treatment might be cheaper, in others, it could cost a fortune. Being informed will help you navigate any unexpected circumstances with ease.


Travel is a joy, but being unprepared for medical emergencies abroad can sour the experience. The solution? Being informed, insured, and choosing the right partners for your financial needs. With Equals Money's international transfer service, you can ensure that your hard-earned money reaches the right place at the right time, without any fuss.

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