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Euan Robb

In the modern era of sustainable business practices, the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is charging ahead at full speed. Businesses across the UK are opting for electric company cars, not only to decrease their carbon footprint but also to reap financial benefits from government incentives. But as the popularity of EVs rises, so does the need for an efficient, trackable, and flexible payment method for charging these vehicles.

Enter: prepaid cards, the ideal alternative to traditional fuel cards. In this post, we'll delve into why Equals Money's prepaid cards might just be the game-changer for managing your business's expenses related to charging company EVs.

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1. Simplify expense management

Managing expenses for company cars can be a tedious task. Whether it's tracking fuel receipts or reconciling monthly statements, it's a process that demands attention to detail. Prepaid cards, particularly those offered by Equals Money, streamline this process. Load the card with a predetermined amount, and you have a hassle-free way to manage and track charging expenses.

2. Broad charging network compatibility

One of the potential challenges with electric vehicles is finding compatible charging stations. Equals Money's prepaid cards are accepted in more than 35 million locations (wherever Mastercard is accepted), so you can enjoy the flexibility of using multiple charging networks across the UK. No more fretting about whether your card will be accepted – just plug in and charge away!

3. Environmental responsibility meets financial efficiency

Shifting to electric vehicles is a commendable decision that highlights a company's commitment to environmental responsibility. By pairing this with Equals Money's prepaid cards, you ensure that your commitment to the planet aligns seamlessly with efficient financial management.

4. Enhanced security features

Safety is paramount. Equals Money's prepaid cards come equipped with robust security features, minimising the risk of fraud. Should an employee lose their card, immediate action can be taken by pausing the card within the Equals Money mobile app to prevent any unauthorised use.

5. Adaptable for other business expenses

The beauty of Equals Money's prepaid cards goes beyond EV charging. Whether it's for dining, lodging, or other business-related expenses, the adaptability of these cards ensures that your company's financial management is both sleek and efficient.


The future of company cars is electric, and with this future comes the need for a modern, efficient, and flexible payment solution. Equals Money’s prepaid cards bridge the gap between the old and the new, offering a multitude of benefits that traditional fuel cards simply can't match. Embrace the future; switch to Equals Money's prepaid cards for your expense management needs.

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