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Anna Meehan

Team Evolution powers future Olympic athletes. They’re the UK’s number one alpine race training provider, providing training and education to student athletes from the ages 12-21 helping them on their journey from grassroots through to the British National Team. Based in Austria but completing training camps across the UK, Europe, South America, and a range of other countries, trainees on the Team Evolution programme spend their time travelling the world as they pursue their goals of reaching the Olympic Games. 

While focusing on training high performance athletes, the last thing Team Evolution needs is their payments slowing them down. Equals Money helps them make payments quickly and in a range of currencies so they can move from camp to camp.

Whether your business aspirations are the Olympic slopes or streamlining your imports and exports, Equals Money is here to power your business.

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Photo credit: Team Evolution

Training around the world

Team Evolution operates training camps all over the world. Each training camp could range from a few days to several months and require payments to be made for anything from accommodation, transport and meals, through to training lanes, equipment or race entries. Because of the dynamic nature of the camps they put on, they need to be able to make payments quickly and efficiently. They use a range of currencies: from usual sterling, euros, Swiss franc, and US dollars, through to the Swedish kroner, Chilean peso or Japanese yen.

They need a payments provider who can get them the currencies they need, when they need them.

Photo credit: Team Evolution

How does Equals help?

Equals Money helps Team Evolution make fast payments in the currencies they need. Not to mention, their currency expert account manager is there to support them every step of the way.


Paul Telling, Team Evolution Programme Director, says:

“We’ve used Equals Money … for almost 10 years now and have never had any reason to change. We’ve been approached by other FX currency conversation firms … but our reasons for staying with Equals have been simple - they are quick, easy, effective and do exactly what you need, every time, without fail.

“Our account manager Thanim is excellent, is always contactable, and [lets us know our options about] the currencies we most regularly use in times when there are swings in the rate.

“In our line of work we have a lot of things happening, in a lot of countries, often in short time frames, and Equals makes currency conversion and foreign payments one less thing that we need to worry about, giving us more time to concentrate on the athletes.”

Team Evolution athletes training in Kabdalis, Sweden
Photo credit: Team Evolution

With expert support from account managers like Thanim and same or next-working day transfers on payments in 140+ currencies, Equals Money takes care of foreign exchange so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Book spot rates like Paul and Team Evolution, or talk to a member of the Equals Money team about options like hedging and limit orders to protect your business against volatile markets.

Helping Team Evolution to train Olympians  

Team Evolution has been with Equals Money for over ten years, training athletes who have gone on to compete at World Championships and the Olympics in the process.

With time freed up from not having to stress about currency, they’re able to continue to keep up with the demanding schedules of training for the biggest athletic stage in the world.

Get in touch with the team today to see how we can support your business with international payments.

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