Go Further with Equals Money: Payment solutions for the travel industry

Euan Robb

With global travel returning to peak levels, businesses within the travel industry need efficient and seamless payment solutions to service clients worldwide and stay ahead in an ever-growing and evolving digital landscape.

We offering travel providers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for multi-currency payments. An account from Equals Money allow specialists such as travel agents and operators, destination management companies, holiday clubs, accommodation providers, and more can facilitate a single payments journey for themselves and their clients using open banking, multi-currency accounts, and send and receive payments across a range of currencies with direct access to payments networks such as SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, and SEPA.

Built for your business, our flexible offering ensures we’re meeting the specific needs of your travel company every step of the way. No matter your industry, our mission remains the same: to make money movement simple.

About Equals Money

Go Further with Equals Money

Let us take care of the complex parts of your payments process. With Equals Money as the single provider, processor, and point of contact, centralise and streamline your customer’s entire payment experience and create a consolidated, end-to-end payment journey.

Offer your customers a simple payment experience via cards, open banking, and more in a wide range of currencies, using the Equals Money platform or your own branded platform built using our infrastructure via our API, all managed through a single relationship.

You can facilitate your client payment journey with open banking and accept global client payments via their preferred method, wherever they are. Once your customers, travel partners, affiliates or anyone else have paid, you can collect these funds into a single, multi-currency account using a single set of account details and without needing to convert.

When it comes time to book on behalf of your clients, whether that's flights, accommodation, or any activities in between, make your own payments at great rates for over 140 currencies with same or next working-day transfers, direct access to SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, and SEPA and personalised export support.

With your own dedicated account manager and access to our in-house currency expertise, easily manage any potential currency exposure and reduce the risk of rate volatility with payment solutions including forward contracts, limit orders, spot trades, and more.* We’ll be on-hand to answer any questions, explain processes, and work to understand your business needs.

Once they're booked, offer your clients own-branded prepaid travel cards for them to spend on their holiday with great rates and the ability to stay on top of spend.

The alternative to a bank account

Businesses within the travel industry can often face long waiting times and struggle to speak to real people throughout the onboarding process with traditional payments providers. These providers, such as banks, tend to feel no obligation to address specific needs of their customers if they fall outside of predetermined criteria.

Whether you need a multi-currency IBAN or any one of our services, we have dedicated account management and compliance resources to ensure you’re supported every step of the onboarding process and beyond, so you can get back to what you do best: providing travellers with memorable experiences. 

It’s your business, powered by Equals Money.

How we keep your money safe

We hold your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep your funds separate from Equals Money’s other assets. This means your funds are protected, however, accounts from Equals Money do not fall under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Please see the Equals Money website for more details.

*Equals Money can only offer forward contracts to facilitate payments for goods and services

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