What is a multi-currency IBAN and why would I need one?

Euan Robb

International payments and transfers can be complex and time-consuming when dealing with separate accounts and different details. With a single multi-currency IBAN and an Equals Money account, you can make and receive overseas payments with ease in a variety of different currencies. 

In an increasingly global market and trading landscape, businesses of all sizes are beginning to question their appetite for cross-currency trading and operating in multiple markets (if they aren’t already). A multi-currency IBAN and accompanying account allows companies to receive funds and hold them in a single centralised account, without the need for conversion.

About Equals Money

What is a multi-currency IBAN?

A multi-currency IBAN (International Banking Account Number) is a unique banking code that allows you to send and receive funds from overseas in a range of currencies. 

When making international payments or payments in multiple currencies, a multi-currency IBAN enables account identification, ensuring that any payments made are received in the right place and at the right time. With an Equals Money account, you are automatically assigned a multi-currency IBAN which allows you to receive, send, and hold money in 38 different currencies without needing to convert funds. 

Supported currencies

With an Equals Money account, allows you can make transfers in the following 38 currencies:

GBP 🇬🇧 EUR 🇪🇺 USD 🇺🇸
AUD 🇦🇺 NZD 🇳🇿 CAD 🇨🇦
CZK 🇨🇿 DKK 🇩🇰 SEK 🇸🇪
CHF 🇨🇭 HKD 🇭🇰 HUF 🇭🇺
ILS 🇮🇱 JPY 🇯🇵 NOK 🇳🇴
PLN 🇵🇱 RON 🇷🇴 SGD 🇸🇬
TRY 🇹🇷 ZAR 🇿🇦 AED 🇦🇪
BGN 🇧🇬 TTD 🇹🇹 KES 🇰🇪
MXN 🇲🇽 GHS 🇬🇭 MWK 🇲🇼
BBD 🇧🇧 BHD 🇧🇭 PKR 🇵🇰
QAR 🇶🇦 SAR 🇸🇦 TND 🇹🇳
UGX 🇺🇬 THB 🇹🇭 ZMW 🇿🇼
OMR 🇴🇲 PHP 🇵🇭

What are the benefits?

With an Equals Money account, receiving and sending payments is simple, easy, and can be done via our easy-to-use online platform, with access to SEPA, SWIFT, and UK Faster Payment for secure and quick transfers.

Get your own currency expert account manager who will be on-hand for any questions you have about your Equals Money account and will work to understand your business and payments needs, tailoring our portfolio of services to you.

Say goodbye to opening multiple or separate accounts for your international payment requirements. Equipped with a multi-currency IBAN, you can extend your business’ reach and expand into new global territories with the ability to receive funds across 38 different currencies that can be held and later spent or transferred, all from one centralised platform and account.

How can Equals Money help?

Streamlining cross-currency and international payments is just one of the many ways we can help you focus on growing your business.

With a multi-currency IBAN, an easy-to-use online platform, and a dedicated expert account manager, an account with Equals Money makes it simple and convenient to send, receive, or hold money across 38 different and distinct currencies.

Multi-currency account

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