Why every business should consider a multicurrency business account

Reuben Allonby

In our ever-globalising world, the business landscape is becoming increasingly interconnected. Companies, regardless of size, often find themselves dealing with international clients and suppliers. With this global growth comes a need for an efficient and simple way to manage multi-currency transactions.

Enter the multicurrency business account, a tool that's becoming indispensable for businesses operating internationally.

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The power of a multicurrency business account

  1. Versatility: Imagine being able to send, receive, and manage funds in 38 different currencies from a single account. It not only simplifies transactions but also provides a centralised system for your global finances.
  2. Eliminate conversion hassles: With standard accounts from traditional providers, you often need to convert funds when sending or receiving money internationally. With a multicurrency business account, you can create named accounts to manage multiple currencies, letting you send and receive funds without the need for conversion. This can lead to significant savings on conversion fees.
  3. Unified account details: Keeping track of multiple sets of account details for different currencies can be a logistical nightmare. An Equals Money multicurrency business account provides a streamlined solution. Send and receive money in 38 currencies with a single set of account details, simplifying transactions and record-keeping.
  4. Expand globally with ease: Taking your business to new international territories requires a robust financial infrastructure that can handle multiple currencies seamlessly. Benefit from same-day and next-working-day transfers, ensuring that your business keeps up with the rapid pace of international commerce.

Equals Money: the best choice for your business

So, why should Equals Money be your multicurrency business account provider of choice?

Speed: In the competitive business world, time is of the essence. Equals Money ensures same-day and next-working-day transfers, giving you an edge in global markets.

Simplicity: The user-friendly interface and single set of account details make it easy for businesses to manage their international finances without the typical complications.

Security: Your funds' safety is paramount. With Equals Money, you can rest easy knowing your funds are held in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep them separate from other business assets.*

Support: Equals Money isn't just an account provider; it's a partner in your international business journey. With dedicated account management and support, you're never alone in navigating the complexities of global finance.


In a world where borders are becoming less relevant, your business needs a financial tool that transcends boundaries. The multicurrency business account provides the flexibility, efficiency, and speed needed to thrive in today's global market. And with Equals Money at your side, you'll be equipped with the best multicurrency solution available.

Ready to elevate your international business transactions? Choose Equals Money's multicurrency account for seamless international payments and top-tier expense management.

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*Because Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS, your money is protected via safeguarding. We hold your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep them separate from our other assets. Please see FAQs for more information.

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