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With a deep understanding of your industry, dedicated service, and a flexible product offering, Equals Money for Enterprise fits your unique requirements. It's our product, reimagined for your business.

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Multi-currency accounts
Send and receive funds across multiple currencies, from one account.
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Make fast payments with SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, SEPA, and SEPA Instant.
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Issue single or multi-currency cards using our API, with virtual or tokenised options.
Access an instant, open-banking checkout solution via Roqqett.

The alternative to a bank account

An account with Equals Money helps your business move beyond pain points associated with traditional institutions.

Difficulty onboarding

Businesses often face long waiting times and struggle to speak to real people throughout the onboarding process.

Traditional payments providers such as banks feel no obligation to address specific needs of their customers if they fall outside of predetermined criteria.

Regulation and licensing

Your business may want to provide services like accounts or cards to your clients, employees, or even to create and take advantage of an additional revenue stream.

Meeting regulatory requirements, obtaining the necessary licences, and building industry relationships is years in the making - time you likely don't have if you don't have them already.

Your requirements, our solutions

Our Enterprise offering is built for you and designed to fit your unique business requirements. We can offer any combination of white labelling, account management, APIs, and our front-end platform.

Front-end x Client relationship management

Our platform and account management team are currently serving more than 20,000 business customers and keeping us at five stars on Trustpilot. This option is perfect if the Equals Money account as is works for you or you lack time or resource.
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Front-end x White label

With this service, you’ll be able to keep the Equals Money platform as is but maintain day-to-day contact with your clients internally. This option suits a business that might not have or want to allocate the developer resource to build out their own platform but still wants to use their own client management team.
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API x Client relationship management

This service will allow you to build your own products on top of our existing infrastructure but use the client relationship management service courtesy of an Equals Money account. This option suits a business with dedicated developer resource that might not be able or want to allocate resource towards account management.
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API x White label

Building with our APIs and white-labelling gives you the most freedom to reimagine our product for your business. You can build out your product offering using our infrastructure and use your own account management team to maintain a day-to-day relationship with your clients.
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Emphasis on trust

AIM-listed on the London Stock exchange with 18 years in business, Equals Group has historic and credible financial ecosystem relationships with strong commercial agreements and supply chain integrations.

Payments networks

Multiple direct connections to payments networks, including SWIFT, UK Faster Payments, SEPA, and SEPA Instant

Tier 1 liquidity

Access to liquidity through Tier 1 banks enabling us to serve a wide range of currencies at competitive rates

Global footprint

Integrated with multiple overseas bank accounts, allowing local settlement

Equals Money has become a one-stop shop for all our foreign currency payment needs. As an international business, we are exposed to payments in multiple currencies. Equals Money allows us to maintain multi-currency accounts and manage our FX exposure by providing competitive conversion rates.

Through our partnership with Equals Money, we have been able to expand the number of currencies we offer our clients, enabling them to hold their trading accounts in a wide range of currencies.

- Michael Levanov, Group Head of Payments and Banking at Capital.com

Solutions for merchants

Online merchants based in the UK may want to sell in multiple jurisdictions, receiving funds in sterling, euro, and US dollar. Using the traditional financial network they would have to receive these funds into multiple accounts over the world.

With Equals Money for Enterprise, that merchant would get a multi-currency IBAN where they can send and receive funds across a range of currencies all from one account.

Solutions for fund managers

Fund managers and administrators need to receive money from multiple clients, perform Know Your Customer (KYC), and issue payments to the fund's account with different levels of permission. Equals Money can give the fund administrator a single account per fund that has multiple balances and its own IBAN so that clients can pay in money quickly and easily.

Solutions for CFDs

Using the traditional financial network, CFDs would have to open multiple accounts with multiple banks in order to send and receive funds.

With Equals Money, we give you an own-named multi-currency IBAN to send and receive multiple payments across multiple currencies without needing to open multiple accounts. We also offer a tiered signatory system to make it easier to keep track of authorisation, giving you better control and visibility.

Solutions for CSPs

CSPs can provide dynamic services for investors and fund managers but sometimes suffer from multi-jurisdictional issues around technology both on-shore and off shore. Using the Equals Money platform with one centralised view gives you better visibility, allowing you to make better decisions. Using our tiered signatory system also makes it easier to keep track of authorisation and when payments come in and go out.

Solutions for gaming businesses

Many e-gaming companies experience payment processing difficulties - either receiving funds from their recreational punters or remitting winnings back to them.

With Equals Money, you can get a multi-currency IBAN, which gives you the ability to send and receive funds in a range of currencies in a single account: no need to open multiple bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions. Your clients can more easily make and receive payments accessing a range of local, fast networks.

Solutions for crypto businesses

Crypto businesses face similar challenges to anyone hoping to send and receive in multiple currencies. Instead of needing to open multiple accounts across multiple jurisdictions, you can manage the settlement of crypto-based trades and purchases into named, multi-currency IBANs. This allows your business to receive and hold payments from one account, giving you greater ease of reconciliation and faster settlement.

How we keep your money safe
Because Equals Money accounts don’t fall under FSCS, your money is protected via safeguarding. We hold your funds in specially designated, safeguarded bank accounts, which keep them separate from our other assets. Please see FAQs for more information.