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Euan Robb

Fuel cards have been a go-to solution for UK businesses looking to manage their fleet and company car expenses. However, with evolving business needs and the rise of digital solutions, many organisations are seeking more versatile alternatives. In this article, we delve into why Equals Money's prepaid cards may just be the perfect fit for your business expense management.

About Equals Money

The limitations of traditional fuel cards

  1. Limited Usage: Most fuel cards can only be used at petrol stations, leaving out other business-related expenses.
  2. Hidden Charges: Some come with additional fees or charges that aren’t transparent upfront.
  3. Inflexible Rewards: The loyalty rewards or rebates are often restricted to fuel purchases.

Why choose Equals Money's prepaid cards?

  1. Versatile spending: Unlike fuel cards restricted to petrol stations, Equals Money's prepaid cards can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted. This covers a range of expenses from fuel to office supplies.
  2. Better expense management: With real-time transaction data, businesses can monitor and manage their expenses more efficiently and with full transparency.
  3. Enhanced Security: With safeguarded funds, customisable spending and transaction limits for each individual card, and the ability to instant pause or resume cards using the Equals Money app, your business can spend safely, securely, and within budget.
  4. Accounting integration: Sync with your current accounting software (Xero) for hassle-free bookkeeping.
  5. Multi-currency: Spend across 20 different major currencies with prepaid cards from Equals Money, perfect for businesses that operate with a global footprint and require international travel.

How do they work?

Acquiring and using Equals Money's prepaid cards is a breeze:

  1. Application: Businesses can apply online, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.
  2. Allocate funds: Load the specified Balance and associated card with the desired amount, offering businesses flexibility in how much they want to allocate for expenses.
  3. Spend & track: Use the card for a range of business expenses while keeping an eye on expenditures through real-time tracking.

What UK Businesses are saying

"The dashboard is so easy to use all round. Easy to set up new users, order new cards, make top ups."

- Luisa K., Equals Money customer

"We use Equals for the card facilities for when our employees travel internationally. It is a simple system that allows us to effectively load various currencies for employees to use and also to monitor spending if required."

- Verified User, Equals Money customer

"Using Equals bank feed integration with Xero means no more bank reconciliation issues & currency adjustments at month end... I’m using it with multiple clients & over 10 currencies. It gives me the best of both worlds - the automation of other providers but the personal service of the Equals team."

- Lara M., Equals Money customer


While fuel cards might have been the traditional choice for many UK businesses, the future of business expense management is dynamic, flexible, and efficient. Equals Money's prepaid cards offer businesses the versatility they require in this rapidly evolving landscape. If your business seeks a modern alternative to fuel cards, it might be time to make the switch.

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