How do I top up our cards?

To top up a card on the online platform:

  1. Select “Cards”
  2. Click on “Top up card”
  3. Choose the card number you wish to top up. You can use the filter options along the top if you don’t see the card
  4. Choose the spending balance – the currency/account balance you want to use to top up
  5. Enter how much you wish to top up
  6. Enter a cost centre and a purpose of order if applicable
  7. Click “Next” to review the order details
  8. Click “Confirm” to process your order

If there are sufficient funds in your main account balance, the order will complete immediately.  If there are insufficient funds in your main account balance, you need to arrange a bank transfer.

If you need to arrange a bank transfer payment please note that payment must come from a company bank account under your name (we cannot accept third party payments, cheques or cash paid over the counter in a bank).

Please note that we process payments every hour, on the hour between 9am and 5.30pm Monday-Friday.