What are the account roles and permissions on the Equals Money account?

Anyone with an account can have any of the following roles:

Primary owner

Your company account must always have an active Primary owner. Only one person within your company can hold this at any given time. The Primary owner has the same permissions as an Owner, but they cannot be deactivated. The role can be transferred to another active Owner, by the current Primary owner.


Owners have view and edit access to all functionality in the platform. Owners also have access to Account settings, where they can activate/deactivate certain features.


Admins have view and edit access to all functionality in the platform, with the exception of view only access to Account settings.


Payers have the ability to add recipients and make payments from your account. They do not have access to any settings or permissions.


Viewers have view access to all functionality in the platform, except Account settings. Viewers do not have any edit access, nor can they make any transactions, within your company account.


Accountants have view and edit access for spending activity, including statements and transactions. They also have access to manage Annotations and Integrations in Account settings. People with the accountant role cannot have their own Individual card.


You can assign Users to Individual cards. Users cannot view or edit anything at account level, or make wire payments.