Assigning people to balances

If you would like a member of your team to have access to money on your account, you will need to assign them to a balance, or multiple balances, after you create them. To do this go to the "Balances" page of your account.

You can either assign them to an existing balance on your account or create a new one. Once you have created the new balance, follow the instructions below to assign someone to it.

To assign them to an existing Shared balance click the "View" option on the balance tile:

Next click the "Manage" tab and then "Add teams and people":

Compare balance roles:

Each person assigned to a Balance must be associated with a specific balance role, which outlines their permissible actions and access within that designated Balance.

You will also need to ensure your required features are active on each Balance. You can view and edit balance features via the “Manage” tab for each sub-balance.

Adding money to a Balance

Your Equals Money account provides you with a multi-currency current account. To add funds to your account balance simply send money from your bank to your own unique account details, in any of the 20 supported currencies. You can find your own account details from the "Add money" option, which exists on all pages of the account other than the People page.

You will be given the option to add money in the same currency or convert currency. If you want to send the same currency to your balance you will be shown your unique account details for that balance which you can use those to pay directly into your account. If you choose to convert currency, you will be able to choose the currencies you want to pay in, and what you want to receive in your account, along with the rate the money will be exchanged at. Once you have confirmed your order, you'll be shown payment details.

You can look at any exchange orders you've placed by going to the "Transactions" page of your account. If you select the transaction you will be able to download a confirmation of the order.

If you wish to add money directly to one of your sub-balances, go to the "Balances" page, click "View" on the relevant balance tile, and then go to the "Manage" tab. You can add money by making a transfer to the account details listed under "Payment details for Account balance".