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Getting started with your account


The ‘Overview’ page gives you visibility over the key parts of your account. This is a good view to see all the funds on your account.

  • View your balance in each currency
  • Quickly add or exchange money, or make a domestic or international payment
  • View any new alerts on your accounts
  • Gain an overview of company transactions


The “Balances” page provides a detailed view of your total account balances.
You will only see this page if you use Equals Money Cards.

On your “Balances” page you can:

  • Create sub-Balances under existing balances. For example you can create a balance for "Office management" and within that balance separate pots for "London Office" and "New York office"
  • View Balances, with an overview of all currencies held in each one
  • View individual balances, with a view of spending history and top-up history


The ‘Payments’ page gives you full control over payments, top-ups, exchanges, forward contracts and recipients.

  • Make single payments from your balance and currency of choice
  • Exchange currencies within balances
  • Top up balances in GBP or a wallet currency
  • Book forward contracts
  • Add new personal or business contacts to your recipient


The ‘Transactions’ tab gives you oversight of all the transactions, and planned forward contracts.

On this page you can:

  • View transactions by date, description, name, balance, and amount
  • View completed and open forward contracts by order ID, settlement date, exchange rate, and remaining balance after they settle
  • Download transactions, filter transactions and configure columns


The ‘People’ page gives you an overview and control over contacts on your account.

  • Sort contacts by individuals or teams
  • View contacts by name, company role, teams, balances, and individual balance status
  • Create and edit teams
  • View the balances teams have access to
  • Edit company role to decide permission levels within the platform
  • Add new users