Virtual Cards

Shared virtual cards: Spend online with total control

The Equals Money account is here to revolutionise the way finance teams manage a company’s payments, expenses, budgets, payroll and more, putting time back on the clock and money back on the balance sheet.

Manage subscriptions
and make recurring

Activate your card with
ease and start spending
straight away

Assign cards to
Balances and set
transaction limits

Need to know more?

What are Shared cards?
Shared cards are virtual cards which are not assigned to specific people
What can I use Shared cards for?
You can use shared cards to pay for online transactions where Mastercard is accepted as payment.
Can I have cards for individuals?
If your organisation would benefit from virtual or physical cards for specific people, please get in touch with our team who will be able to discuss the process for this.
Do Shared cards have any limits on spend volumes?
You can set limits on cards via the cards page of your online account. You can set limits for daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime use as well as single transaction limits. Progress trackers are available via the ‘card inspector’ to show card spend against the limits set. Any card transactions that exceed set limits will decline.
How do I cancel a Shared card?
Virtual cards can be cancelled once paused via the cards page of your online account. Simply select the card you wish to cancel and click on "replace card".
Can I pause a Shared card to prevent further transactions on it?
Virtual cards can be paused temporarily via the cards page of your online account. Once you have requested a card to be paused you will receive a confirmation message confirming the card has been paused and the relevant card details will be highlighted to identify paused cards.

You can choose to resume the use of paused cards in the same way as you paused the card. Once confirmation has been received that the card is now active it will show in active cards on your account.
When should I get a virtual card instead of a physical card?
We recommend virtual cards for making any type of payment that you know will always take place online. As you can quickly and easily set up new virtual cards, you can assign one to each payment type, for example you might want a virtual card just for your software subscriptions and another for online marketing spend. This allows you to monitor separate payment types easily.In addition, physical cards are always assigned to one person, whereas you can allow a whole department to use one shared virtual card, or assign one card for a specific project that involves many teams in your organisation.